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The American College of Healthcare Trustees is a professional association dedicated to promoting good governance and leadership in the healthcare sector by providing continuing education, resources, and networking to help healthcare leaders and trustees govern more effectively. The ACHT features ongoing events, including monthly Movie Nights, Member Zoom Meetings, an Annual Conference and more. Details can be found on our Event Calendar.

2022 Healthcare Leader of the Year Award Winners

Inventory Category Winner - Michael Freeman, JD PRESS RELEASE

Physician Leader Category Winner - Dr. Jan Lee 

Healthcare Board Leader Category Winner - Mr. Mike O'Neill 

Healthcare Executive Leader Category Winner - Mr. Scott Becker

Patient Advocate Category Winner - Roxanne Bruce, DrBA, FACHT 

Program Director Category Winner - Dr. Ricardo Correa 

The American College of Healthcare Trustees Healthcare Leader of the Year Awards were created to recognize individuals in the healthcare industry who are truly making healthcare better for everyone involved. Winners of this prestigious award will be recognized at the American College of Healthcare Leaders' annual 2-day Conference at Daytona State College, May 19-20, 2023. The conference theme is The Fourth Industrial Revolution in Healthcare including VR/AR, web3, use of the metaverse, and genomics. Keynote speakers will present ways to utilize these emerging technologies to improve patient care, provide healthcare in underserved communities, and improve the overall governance and ethics in healthcare worldwide.

2022 Healthcare Leader of the Year Awardees
2022 Healthcare Journal - American College of Healthcare Trustees

By David Levien

28 pages, published 1/11/2023

2022 Healthcare Leadership Journal from the American College of Healthcare Trustees. This journal features our Healthcare Leader of the Year Award winners from 2022 as well as articles from a few of our fellows and friends.

Employer - Doctor Reception

Friday, October 29, 2021 in Clarksville, MD

For over a decade the American College of Healthcare Trustees has sought improvement in decision making, ethics, and leadership among professionals in the health market. This goal has led ACHT to support increased price transparency - and the entrepreneurs who manifest that improved market. We are pleased to share some of the footage from this event.

Countless practitioners lament their reliance on both employment in hospitals or reliance on insurance reimbursement to maintain their livelihood. Employers and individuals are stressed about insurance that costs too much and handcuffs choices via networks that exclude the best doctors. Plenty of Thought Leaders - and entrepreneurs - have promoted price competition as a way to restore the doctor-patient relationship, and our guest speakers will provide a path forward for attendees who would like to upgrade health plan quality while saving money and reducing red tape.

Speakers include:

  • Jawad Arshad, emergency physician, and creator of the ASCEND technology award-winning WoW cash appointments app - taking the surprise out of billing and the hassle out of patient interactions
  • Kelly Webb, marketing director for Exclusive Surgeries Solutions, offering workers concierge access to 2,500 vetted surgeons, offering surgeons immediate payment, and assuring employers one, bundled price
  • Cristin Dickerson, MD, whose 1,400 Green Imaging centers offer true, market-based pricing while boosting quality

Attending also will be benefits experts, including Charles Frohman of the Forbes-featured health plan upgrade for employers and individuals; and Carl Schuessler, a leading benefits advisor using direct contracting to give CEOs the unthinkable - annual cost savings with ever happier employees, Jodi Lyons of Senior Sherpa, and Dr. Marlene Wust-Smith of Physician Outlook Magazine.

If you want to know what the future will bring, this is your sneak peek to our future.

We are working on where we will hold our next event and will announce it in January 2022. We look forward to seeing you there.

Very truly yours,

David Levien, MD,MBA,FACS

President and CEO - American College of Healthcare Trustees

We encourage our members to voice their opinions in the medical world! Whether it is submitting an article for publication on Physician Outlook Magazine, joining us on our monthly Movie Nights, Interacting on our Blogs, or taking and building online courses to share, ACHT is here to help you grow.

Our newest project is the "Healthcare Leader of the Year" Awards. With the help of Olderhood Productions International and Physician Outlook Magazine, we are looking to recognize healthcare leaders in various categories who have made a difference in the world of medicine in 2021. If your medical organization is interested in participating, CLICK HERE to learn more. Member Facilities can nominate up to 7 individuals in various categories of leadership. One winner in each category will be announced. Winners and Nominees will be featured in a special edition of Physician Outlook Magazine and receive plaques to display in their home offices. Selected individuals will also be recognized through video with interviews with Olderhood Productions International.

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