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Global Health

COVID-19 reality check: do black lives matter?
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COVID-19 reality check: do black lives really matter?

Consider this:

1- COVID-19 worldwide
· 880,000+ deaths so far
· A vaccine is coming within 12 months of the pandemic start or less
· Therapeutics: ditto
2- Malaria in Africa
· Over the last 50 years, malaria has killed over 25 million people.
· Every 2 minutes, a child under 5 dies of malaria. In 2017, there were 219 million malaria cases leading to 435,000 deaths. Of these 61% were children under 5 translating into a daily toll of nearly 730 children. Most of these deaths occurred in Sub-Saharan Africa.
· In 2018, Africa was home to 94% of malaria deaths.
- Malaria cases are rising in Africa due to drug resistance (1/16/2020).
· Where is the vaccine?
. Where is the funding to researchers with proven preliminary results?
· Where is the single-intake efficient and well-tolerated oral drug?

This is just a glimpse showing how much black lives matter in Africa:
- Where is the outrage?
- Where is the demand for change?
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