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Fear Talk 9; Overcoming fears and anxieties
By Nonye Aghanya
Posted on 5/7/2020 7:15 PM
Fear of vaccination.....Vaccinophobia
Fear of germs...….. Verminophobia
Fear of strangers/foreigners...…. Xenophobia
Fear of learning...…. Sophophobia
Fear of technology...… Technophobia
Fear of bald people ……. Peladophobia
Fear of opinions...… Allodoxaphobia
Fear of death.... Necrophobia
etc. etc. etc. -- Desh Subba "Philosophy of Fearism"

In a world riddled with fears, for one to be inspired by a quote of the human state of morbidity involves coming to terms with the realization that we are all in a transient existence and must take the time and make the effort to leave an indelible impact, beneficial to current and future generations at large.

Thanks R. Michael Fisher for introducing "Fear Talk 9: Sheldon Solomon & R .Michael Fisher on Jeff Gibbs' Planet of the Human.

YouTube Interview link:
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