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James Grapek 

Pavilion Holdings  President and CEO
Rockville, MD

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Rockville, MD
Pavilion Holdings
President and CEO
15309 Diamond Cove Terrace
Suite A
Rockville, MD 20850

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Healthcare Delivery, risk, insurance
Business, entrepreneurship, innovation, intellectual property
marketing and social media
strategic planning


In my role as a producer, and as The Pavilion's CEO -- I was retained to analyze some marketing for a relatively new class of bioresonance biofeedback medical devices. These were the same devices which helped the 2008 Chinese Olympic swim team win more Olympic medals than ever before. These devices scan more than 12,000 health variables in just minutes, including the many environmental toxins that are now affecting our health, such as mold, heavy metals, wireless radiation, plastics, industrial chemicals, and so on. I was so impressed by what I saw that I dug in and got my certification to be a practitioner. And these devices do more than just scan. They help restore health... enhance athletic performance... and help eliminate these toxins. To date, I've helped many clients and patients with this technology -- family and friends, too. I only do this on a part time basis, and occasionally help out the doctors at a friend's integrative medical practice when they have a a difficult patient and some additional 'detective work' is needed. I am now an authorized distributor for these devices, as well, and plan to offer Pavilion members free monthly health scans once we open.

I founded Associated Producers, Inc. (API) in 1986 to 1) produce socially responsible programming to enhance our quality of life, and 2) to provide clients with effective, high quality films and video programs to assist them in outreach, marketing, fundraising, training, and communications. From producing award winning programs for hundreds of business, government, and nonprofit clients... to writing and producing one of the Discovery Channel's highest rated specials as well as many YouTube advocacy programs -- API has successfully, and profitably, achieved that.