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medXPRIME and Lab References Advisory Group

Like so many Practices, Hospitals, and Labs, are you finding that insurance accounts receivable are piling up and have become one of your biggest headaches? ACHT members will receive a FREE detailed analysis assessment (WOW Report) of your aged A/R and write-offs.

If you're like most providers, you're facing a cash crisis that erodes your financial well-being and drastically affects your bottom line. Our team helps physicians, providers, and hospitals recover tens of thousands of dollars, more often hundreds of thousands, in aged A/R and write-offs.  Most billing companies do not have the tenacity, skillset, and frankly, willingness to put the effort into collecting A/R because it's very tedious and time-consuming. The urgency for you is that each day that passes increases the risk that claims don’t meet timely filing deadlines and earned revenue may be lost forever. Our practitioners specialize in identifying recoverable revenue and placing an immediate stop to revenue leakage.

Our 4-minute video will give you the essentials of how we will help you increase your profitability and explains our no-cost analysis of your aged A/R. Here is a sampling of results with our clients. Bottom line, you may not be getting paid on about 30-40%, possibly more, of the patient care you've faithfully provided. These are funds that are critical to your profitability. Our specialty is turning old, unrecovered insurance claims that are about to fall off the cliff, into real bottom-line assets. Very simply, how would you like to be paid for all the outstanding work you do? Please welcome our newest Fellow, Felton E. Lewis III, CEO/Founder of Lab References Advisory Group (a certified Disabled Veteran Owned Business). To schedule a FREE look back analysis of your aged A/R and write-offs, Please complete this short MedXPrime form or email


Save up to 80% on your prescription at all major pharmacies!

Get your FREE medication discount card NOW

much less expensive merchant services

schedule a call with our experts from USPAY Group

Pay much less to accept credit cards. USPAY is a contracted supplier for the American College of Healthcare Trustees (and thousands of others). USPAY provides members with credit card processing solutions.

Gatekeeper cybersecurity, proximity token, HIPAA Compliance

Health professionals use computers for short intervals, moving frequently, and using multiple workstations. GateKeeper maximizes the safety and efficiency of the working environment by giving caregivers more secure and faster access to workstations and websites.

By providing a wireless access key to each user, GateKeeper simplifies the login processes, eliminating complex passwords, saving time, and maintaining strict HIPAA compliance. It also provides every user hands-free access for one or multiple computers on your healthcare IT network -- no need to remove your gloves or glasses for a scan. GateKeeper logs you in instantly and automatically. And an Enterprise Hub provides an easy way to administer your security policies.

Request information on Gatekeeper

Our experts at Refuse Specialists can likely save you lots of money

Refuse Specialists (RS) is a full-service waste and recycling resource that focuses on increasing hauler/recycler bill accuracy, elevating visibility, increasing operational efficiencies and reducing costs. RS is not a waste hauler ~ they manage waste contractors, applying a powerful Big-Data approach to get best-price, secure favorable contractual terms, audit all invoices electronically, and provide comprehensive reporting, using the RS proprietary workflow management software, ProRefuse™. In short, ProRefuse™ lets you better manage the waste aspect of your operations with ease. 

Call the toll free number or email and put refuse savings in subject line -- or call David Levien, ACHT CEO at 844 322-4867 for special attention.

Request information from Refuse Specialist

10% Discount on Masters and Doctoral Degrees

The American College of Healthcare Trustees is proud offer a 10% tuition discount for the LECOM D.H.A. and three LECOM master’s degree programs (M.H.S.A., M.S.B.E., M.P.H.) to all our and American College of Healthcare Trustees Fellows in recognition of their membership and healthcare industry leadership.

Fill in a 2-minute LECOM inquiry form for Masters Program See press release 


Timothy S. Novak, D.B.A., M.S.A., FACHT

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dean, LECOM School of Health Services Administration

4800 Lakewood Ranch Blvd, Suite 2108

Bradenton, FL 34211    

Phone: (941) 405-1516



Discounts at our conferences

We have conducted multiple outstanding conferences with the mission of providing healthcare leaders with the skills, knowledge, and abilities they need to be highly effective. An individual conference may encompass a broad range of topics from our curriculum or concentrate on a particular subject. As an example, more information is available here on our November, 2018 conference at Asilomar, refuge-by-the-sea.

Check out our past innovation conference

Discounts on our remote learning courses

Our remote learning courses are eligible for an ACHT Badge which can be displayed on your LinkedIn page, establishing your bona fides as a healthcare leader. check out courses here 

If you wish to discuss creating your own course and earn royalties, click the button below to discuss with our CEO

Schedule a call with Dr. Levien to discuss

Telehealth with Call A Doctor Plus


Get 24/7 access to a licensed physician for you, your family, your employees. 

The care you need on YOUR schedule.

Healthcare is finally available by phone, video or mobile app!

Tired of waiting days, weeks or even months to see a doctor? We give you 24/7 access to care in minutes. So, whether it's 2 AM or you're on vacation, quality care is available to you on your schedule.

Call A Doctor Plus gives you and your family 24/7/365 access to Doctors who can diagnose, provide treatment plans and even write prescriptions... all from the comfort and convenience of your phone or computer. Plus, there are no co-pays, deductibles or per-call charges!

Benefits include:

  • Talk to a doctor in 14 minutes on average
  • No deductibles, no copays, no per-call charges
  • Connect anytime by phone, video or app
  • Get prescriptions, diagnosis & treatment plans
  • On-demand, 24/7 access from anywhere
  • Covers you and your entire family

All for one low monthly price. Enroll today and start getting the care you need, on your schedule!

Enroll you and your family right now for $19.95 per month

Contact us to learn more


Membership Directory and networking

Access to the Membership Directory is a members only benefit. This facilitates your access to, and networking with, some of the most eminent leaders in healthcare. Member Signup / Information 


The American College of Healthcare Trustees, through its Fellows, offers a broad range of consulting services. If you have a challenging administrative problem, your fellow members may be able to offer a short, informal curbside consult. We also offer formal consultations on a myriad of subjects. Moreover, if we need additional expertise, it's always best to check with our Fellows, first.

Areas we address include but are not limited to:

  • Governance and onboarding for new Board Members
  • Medical staff affairs
  • Hospital crisis management, turnaround, retooling, and sustaining Excellence
  • Medical ethics
  • Retreat facilitation
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • IT management, cybersecurity, HIPAA Compliance
  • Human Resources
  • Conflict resolution

Request a Consultation from ACHT


Free Access to videos of past conferences

This is a members only benefit.

Profit Enhancement Group (PEG)

Request information from profit enhancement group
PEG solutions increase revenue, decrease operating expenses, take out risk and/ or improve business processes. They do not require changes in strategic direction. Rather they are generally “bolt-ons” to the ACO’s / health system’s existing business model.
Strengthening organizations with Profit Enhancement Group

Member Discounts Designing distance learning courses for colleges,universities, hospitals

If you are looking to create a Video Demonstration or an Online Course, consider ACHT's Instructional Design Services. Raj Gupta CFO and Board Member has extensive experience in developing and teaching Online courses as well as repurposing Content. Watch Video for a Summary. Watch Dr. Gupta's video
Email Dr. Gupta for more information

MVI outcomes tools

We are unique 30-year-old analytical firm providing physician specialists, and the hospital they work in, objective clinical data to improve quality by lowering variation resulting in a lower cost that brings value to the population they serve.  interest in MVI and Verras Tools

Telehealth with VSEE

The American College of Healthcare Trustees recommends VSee for physicians, hospitals, clinics, and home health aids to incorporate telemedicine into their workflow. Their co-founder and CEO, Milton Chen, PhD, is seen here with two ACHT Executives at The VSee telehealth conference in Silicon Valley. Milton earned his doctorate at Stanford and designed the telehealth system on the international space station.

VSee offers a fast setup experience. You can setup your online practice instantly and can add your logo, room description, provider profiles, legal documents. You can create or remove new providers & virtual clinic waiting rooms and turn on/off walk-ins, scheduling, payment, and other features.

VSee offers an efficient workflow experience with notifications when a patient is ready to be seen. You can triage patients in different waiting rooms all from a single provider dashboard and track patients throughout their visit – know exactly which provider they are with at any point and coordinate among nurses, physicians, and appointment schedulers with customizable assignment tags such as “Ready for physician”

There is a practical backend where you can manage provider and patient scheduling, set visit payment amounts, generate invoices and manage call recordings.  Telehealth inquiry form

Medallia patient experience

Medallia enables healthcare companies to exceed customer expectations, motivate and engage staff, and innovate to drive brand and customer loyalty. We help providers, payers, and suppliers capture feedback, integrate experience data with operational data - from CRM and EHR systems - and turn them into actionable insights for everyone, ranging from frontline and support staff to clinicians and executives. Request information from Medallia

    Collect real-time signals across the patient journey and enrich with data from EHR and CRM systems for a holistic view of the patient

    Alert the appropriate caregiver(s) and prompt them to take action in real-time. Enable leaders to get visibility across the organization to identify and prioritize investment opportunities and drive change innovation

    Increase caregiver morale by providing real-time positive acknowledgement.
    Video about Medallia, AI, and customer experience

Safer Hospital Care (2nd ed.) by Dev Raheja

According to the National Patient Safety Foundation, about 440,000 deaths from hospital mistakes are expected in 2018. These mistakes are preventable, but the number of deaths has been increasing for the last two decades instead of decreasing. This book describes how to prevent deaths at very low cost and get very high return on investment (ROI). The unique feature of this book is that it teaches the tools of innovation that anyone can master. It teaches healthcare staff how to manage innovation efficiently and quickly, because each patient life is critical. This second edition points out why the present methods are ineffective and shows how to find elegant solutions that are simple, comprehensive, and produce high return on investments.
$40 includes shipping for our readers. $49.95 at Amazon.

Cigal Concepts, Inc.

Improved acuity assignment. Better capture of resources used. Higher reimbursement.  e Cigal Revenue Enhancement Study identi es the gap between resources used and acuity assigned on emergency department visits. In accordance with nationally accepted criteria, Cigal’s expert team creates pathways to capture lost revenue for departments like yours.
Request a FREE Consultation from CIGAL
Cigal Logo

WoW Health

WoW Health allows you to set your services and charges with your availability. Patients make an appointment and you get paid, guaranteed...without having to file any claims, and performing the whole encounter on our friendly mobile app or computer. With our comprehensive network of service providers, you can order diagnostic tests, medications, labs, and procedures for your patients all with price transparency at every step to improve compliance. WoW Health gives you full access to patients' records so you can coordinate care with other providers, no matter where they work.
Doctors-help is on the way for our friends

Employers, Wow Health Solutions allows you to address the #1 concern of your employees...their healthcare. We want to empower you to bring the best compensation packages for your employees which go beyond the usual insurance plans, and yet leave your employees responsible for outrageous out-of-pocket costs.

WoW directly connectS your employees to outpatient healthcare providers via their  comprehensive network of doctors, labs, pharmacies, diagnostic centers, and ever growing line of services. This allows your employees to obtain their care at a fraction of the cost.
Employers-Wow is proud to help YOU
WoW Health, a platform that connects high quality healthcare providers to motivated patients, free from the limitations of traditional health insurance. Simply register via the secure app, search for healthcare providers with displayed cost of services, and make an appointment. With our comprehensive network, you have access to doctors, medications, labs, radiology, surgical services, and our ever growing line of services. We can not control insurance costs but we can connect you directly to the healthcare providers so everyone can save money and time. WoW empowers you to have price transparency and access to your health records.
WoW has patients' back